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MHS Premiere

Tryout Dates & Times

For MHS Premiere based in the Belmont/Gastonia area, please see below.
For MHS Elite (Mint Hill Main), please Click Here.
For MHS South based in the South Charlotte area, please Click Here.

MHS Premiere is a competitive soccer program based in the Belmont, Mt. Holly, Gastonia, NC area.

MHS Premiere will NOT be fielding any Classic teams for the Fall 2017 Season in the Belmont/Gastonia area.  Tryouts scheduled for May 22nd have been canceled. If you have any questions, please email .

If you are interested in trying out at our Mint Hill Main or South locations, please click the links above for details.





For more information, please email  .


Refunds: We do not offer refunds for Tryouts or Commitment Fees

Upon commitment to a team, you are financially responsible for all Club fees as stated.  All fees will be paid when payment is due. Statements will not be mailed. Players will not be released to play for another organization unless all Club fees are paid in full at the time of the request. Prior to committing to a team, please be sure that you have read and understand the FEE SCHEDULE (Click here) and that you are aware of the time and financial commitment to the team and club. This is a year-long commitment; any requests for release from your financial and participation obligations must meet the requirements set forth in the fee schedule. If you have questions regarding the level of commitment, amount of travel, etc, please email the  . Requests for releases and withdrawals must be presented in writing to the  .