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Mint Hill All Star Program:

Mint Hill Athletic Association participates in the tradtional Little League All Star program. These teams are choosen and participates in LL tournaments throughout the summer. MHAA has had a rich history and great success within the state of North Carolina representing District 3.

MH All Star teams are selected using the following format each and every spring season:
Coaches from each division are required to submit a "watch list" to be complied by the player agent and then re-distributed to the coaches in their particular division. These are players that the coaches feel have represented MH and themselves through sportsmanship and a particular skill set.

Towards the end of the Spring Season the coaches for that age group will then meet with LL board members to nominate and vote on the players for their age division. All votes are then tallied by the board members and thus the teams are formed based on the number of votes each player has received.

There are significant time and financial commitments required for each of the teams. Fee's generally associated with All Stars range depending on teams and the number of tournaments they play. On average most teams require $400 per player for the summer. This will cover tournament entry fee's, uniforms, banquets and any equipment required.

Original Birth Certificates along with three forms of residency identification must be presented to the coaches to submit to the League President and then the packets must be signed off on by our District Admin. Original BC can then be returned to parents and copies kept on file by the team.

MHAA fields the following All Star teams:

  • 7/8year old Baseball
  • 9 year old Baseball
  • 10 year old Baseball
  • 11 year old Baseball
  • 12 year old Baseball