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Challenge Overview
Challenge softball provides the opportunity for the above-average recreation player to play in selected tournaments against a higher-level of competition, without having to play on a pure travel team.  Challenge Softball players will fully participate on their recreation-league team during the regular season, running from March to June, and play on selected Challenge team before and after the season, and to a limited extent during the season.
MHAA plans to field Challenge teams at the 8U, 10U, 13U, and 16U levels. The program is fun and developmentally rewarding, but requires time and financial commitment by both player and parent. If it sounds like something you and your daughter would like to pursue, please send us an email at mhaasoftball@gmail.com.
Eligibility Requirements

  • 8u is open to girls ages 7 and 8 as of January 1st
  • 10u is open to girls 9 and 10 as of January 1st
  • 13U is open to girls 11, 12, and 13 as of January 1st
  • 16U is open to girls 14, 15 and 16 as of January 1st
  • Girls must play regular recreation softball at MHAA

Tryouts & Selections

  • Assessment Date:  TBD
  • Slots may be limited
  • Players will be assessed on their skills – throwing, catching, hitting, pitching and speed


  • Practice dates/times/frequency are subject to the discretion of the team’s coaching staff
  • Weather permitting, expect to have practices during the rec season anf after
  • Practices during the rec-season will be less frequent and will typically coincide with lead-up to tournaments
  • Practices will typically be held at MHAA


  • Typically held around Charlotte.
  • Usually 3 to 6 games played over 1 or 2 days
  • Held on weekends (could be on a Saturday or Sunday or both)
  • There are breaks between games so plan to spend most of the day at the venue
  • Potential to compete in a spring/fall tournaments before/after the MHAA rec season
  • Tournaments may be played during the MHAA rec season, depending on the girls’ regular season game scheduling


  • Families must cover their own travel-related expenses (gas, meals, gate fees, etc)
  • Teams must cover expenses such as uniforms and tournament entry fees (see next bullet)
  • MHAA does not finance the challenge program so the team-related expenses must be covered by the parent-solicited donors or by the parents themselves (this can significantly affect the out-of-pocket for each family)
  • Sponsorship is welcome to help in covering program costs; all sponsors must be approved through the MHAA Sponsorship Committee.

Challenge teams also require a bit more volunteer support than recreation teams. Practicing, soliciting donors, entering tournaments, preparing team signs, and coordinating team meals & snacks are just a few of the activities that must be handled. It’s more than a couple of volunteer coaches can support so parent-support is critical.
If you have any question about how the program works feel free to contact us at mhaasoftball.us