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Mint Hill Soccer - Soccer Swap

Saturday, February 16th


What is a Soccer Swap?


A Soccer Swap is a great way to clear your closets of old soccer equipment and help a Mint Hill Soccer family and Mint Hill Soccer in the process.  Bring your gently worn or hadly used soccer gear to fields on Skills Assessment day, Saturday February 18th.  Please clean the cleats and tie strings together. Band shin guards together if possible.
How does it work?


Bring your old gently/hardly soccer equipment - cleats, shin guards, balls or apparel.  We will have several boxes setup for you to donate your items.  If you need cleats, shin guards or other items, please come by the tables to see if something was donated you can use.
How much does it cost?


Soccer Cleats $5
Shin Guards $5
Soccer Ball $5

If you bring a pair of cleats, a set of shin guards or a ball - you can SWAP it for FREE!
What can I swap or donate?
Soccer cleats, Shin Guards, Soccer Balls

Where does the money go?
The money rasied will be set aside in a special account to offer financial assistance or a scholarship to a family in need who has a child that wants to play soccer.
What if my turned in equipment does sell?


We will hold on to the donated items for the next season (Fall or Spring Assessments).  At the discretion of the equipment manager or when there are too many items to store, we will donate the equipment to US Youth Soccer's Passback Program.

For more information on US Youth Soccer's Passback Program, follow this link (Passback.org)