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Mint Hill Soccer Information

Ages:   Mint Hill soccer offers fun and competition for children from ages 4 1/2 to 18 years old. We offer an introduction to Soccer program for 3 & 4 year olds. 

Competition:    All U6 teams play against other Mint Hill Soccer U6 teams. All U7 to U18 teams will compete in leagues in the South Charlotte and Mecklenburg/Union County areas.  Mint Hill Soccer offers Recreation level soccer and the competitive levels of Pre-Challenge Academy, Challenge, Select and Classic Level soccer. 

Locations:     Practices for U6 through U12 teams will typically take place at the Mint Hill Athletic Sports Complex soccer fields located on Brief Road. Soccer practices for U14 to U18 teams will take place at the Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park located on Highway 218 near Interstate 485.  Other practice locations may be utilized based on the number of teams.  All U6 games will take place at the Brief Road soccer fields. All U7 and up teams will have both home and away games. Home games will typically take place at the same location in which the team practices and away games will take place at the soccer fields located at other league member locations. Directions to all of the fields can be found on our web site under the Soccer / Directions tab.

Games:      All teams will typically have a minimum of 8 scheduled games during the Fall & Spring seasons.  Normally there will be an End of Season Tournament for all U7 and up teams in the Fall. Game schedules will be provided to the coaches of each team typically the week of the opening weekend.  Parents should note your team's opening weekend and be prepared to play a game that Saturday or Sunday or both.  Some teams may choose to play in additional tournaments or events during the season at an extra cost.

Practices:  All U6 teams will conduct one to two practices per week. All U7 and older teams will conduct two practices per week. Practices typically start after 5:00 PM and can last as long as the sun is able to provide us with daylight (usually no more than 1.5 hours).  Practice nights are determined by division for divisions U7 & up and in the U6 division, days and times for each team will be determined by the coach of that team. Players can not be dropped off at the fields unsupervised. If you can not stay with your child, please be sure you make arrangements with another adult to supervise your son or daughter while you are away.  This is not the coach's responsibility.

Equipment:  Each player must have the following equipment in order to compete during games and to participate in practices:  shin guards and soccer cleats with non-metal spikes. It is also recommended that each player has their own soccer ball.  U6 through U8 players will use a Size 3 ball, U9 through U12 players will use a Size 4 ball and U14 and older players will use a Size 5 ball.  Many stores stock these items but we recommend Best Buy Soccer on Albemarle Road or Dicks Sporting Goods in Matthews as they have a wide variety of options.  Each player should also bring along water or sports drink to every practice and game.  Player name should be written on their soccer ball and any non-disposable water bottle/container.

Uniforms:  Each player will receive a complete kit with their paid registration, which includes jersey, shorts and socks.  It is highly recommended that each player also has additional shorts, shirts and socks to utilize for practices.

Age Brackets:  Each age bracket is broken down into 1 year increments
through the U10 Age. Starting at U12 "2" ages are combined: U12 is U11 and U12 and U14 is U13 and U14. The "U" in each age bracket stands for "Under"; for example:  "U8" means "Under 8 years old".  Each child will be placed into the appropriate age bracket based on their age or experience level.

Coed and Non-Coed teams:  All U6 and U7 teams are coed, there is no separation between boys and girls in these two age brackets.  Beginning at the U8 level, teams will be divided into Girl's teams and into Boys teams if registration numbers allow it.  Boys may not play on an all girl's team but girls cannot be denied playing on a boy's team.  If we do not have enough girls to form an ALL girls team in an age division, a player may play up a level if space is available OR be combined with the boys division to form a Coed team.    

Cost:  The cost for a single player is determined by division.  Micro is $85 per player.  U6 Soccer is $160 per player.  U7 to U8 is $180 per player.  U9 to U12 is $190. U14 and up costs $200.  If you have another child playing Rec soccer within MHAA during the same season, the higher of the individual sport fees will apply for the first player and then the fee for each additional player will be reduced by $50 except for our Micro Soccer program which already discounted.  The $50 discount does not apply to other sports in MHAA.  The cost of the program covers the following:  player insurance through NCYSA (North Carolina Youth Soccer Association) or US Club Soccer, facility fees, uniform fees, officiating fees, NCYSA registration fees, equipment fees, League Team and Player registration fees and end of Season tournament fees if applicable. Cost for our Pre-Challenge and Challenge/Classic teams will be determined prior to holding try-outs and announced before hand.

The costs teams incur if they choose to play in events or tournaments external to the league they are assigned to will be the responsibility of the team.


Commissioner's Note:

The Mint Hill Soccer program offers an excellent opportunity for new and skilled players to develop their soccer abilities.

We are a volunteer association, no member of the MHAA board of directors nor any of the sports commissioners receive payment for their time and efforts.  In fact, we pay the same fees as everybody else to register our children in the programs provided!

Because of this, it is imperative that parents step forward to offer their time and volunteer to coach, assistant coach, be team parents and fill assistant soccer commissioner roles.  Volunteers have made Mint Hill Soccer successful.  However, we are always in need of more volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering your time for one of the roles listed below, please let me know by sending an email to: 

Please do not think that because you have never played the game of soccer you will be unable to help; this is certainly not a problem!  We will provide you with coach training and mentoring plus coaching manuals and dvd's, that will help you to be successful in your volunteer role. 

Thank you for your interest in our program and I look forward to seeing you and your player(s) on the field!


Keenan Harward
​Coach K
President - Mint Hill Soccer

Volunteer Roles Needing to be filled each season:

Coaches: One coach is needed for each team.  Each coach will be responsible for their team throughout the entire season.  This includes scheduling and conducting practices as well as coaching during games.  All U6 coaches will also officiate during their games.  These are the youngest players and experience has shown us that it's easier for the coaches to ref the games as they can help position their players as well as coach them while on the field.  

If you have never coached nor played soccer before, do not let this keep you from volunteering to coach your child's team.  We will have a coach's meeting to go over everything that you need to know in order to coach.  Also, we will conduct a coach's clinic prior to the season beginning; this will allow new coaches to ask as many questions as they need to while also showing them numerous drills and ideas on how to conduct a practice.

Assistant Coaches:
 Though an assistant coach is not necessary for a team it is highly recommended.  The assistant coach will have the same responsibilities as the head coach and will often be asked to fill in for a coach during a practice or a game during the course of a season.  This is a great opportunity for a parent to learn about the wonderful game of soccer.

Team Parent:
   This is a very important role for each team.  The team parent is in charge of creating the all important "Snack Schedule" for each game.  In addition to the snack schedule, team parents are also responsible for planning the end of season party and acquiring trophies if the team has decided to purchase them for their players.

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